Our Story

The 3 of us have been members of this kickboxing gym for several years enjoying the workout, the results, the support and the comradery! We all knew it would be a huge loss when the previous owner was contemplating closing. So we made a big decision to buy the gym and rebrand it as Troy Kickboxing Outfit – TKO for short! Leasa accurately describes us as “The Cheers” of gyms. Everyone knows your name and is cheering you on! We have varying degrees of physical fitness: John is a gym rat, Leasa is a former MSU soccer player and Tough Mudder participant and Danielle is just trying to stay healthy and age well. The high intensity workout coupled with kickboxing rounds appeals to all levels. We love that we have members of all shapes and sizes and in different places in their journey to health and fitness. Kickboxing is an effective workout for beginners or advanced. Come join us on the mat for 2 free classes and experience what we and our members love!

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